Drawing hearts: Easy step by step tutorial

The heart is without a doubt one of the strongest symbols around. If you are also sometimes annoyed that your drawn hearts do not look as harmonious as you would like, then you are in the right place.

Today we will draw hearts – step by step and in different ways. Whether you use hearts in your bullet journal, for your sketchnotes or simple doodles, following this tutorial you will have a huge repertoire of possibilities to draw hearts.

Hence: Take out your pencils and start drawing!

Construct the heart shape

To get to know the heart shape in principle, it is worthwhile to break the heart down to simple basic shapes. If you can construct a “neutral” heart, you will later be much more successful with the variant without a predrawing.

Draw a basic heart step by step
  1. Start with a simple “T”. The horizontal stroke can be a little longer than usual.
  2. Draw a circle around the left side of the crossbar.
  3. The same follows on the right side.
  4. Draw a line from the outer point of the circle to the bottom of the “T”.
  5. You do the same on the other side.
  6. Use the basic shape to trace the heart (for example, with a fineliner). Then erase the sketch.

This is how you draw a simple, uniform heart. By changing various parameters, you can change the basic shape of the heart. Especially the outer connecting lines can be drawn in different ways.

Change basic shape

Drawing hearts with only one stroke

Let’s be honest: Who wants to do a predrawing for a simple heart every time? Therefore, sooner or later you should get used to drawing hearts with one (or two) lines.

Where you start with the stroke and whether or not you stop once in between is purely a matter of preference.

Personally, I usually start at the bottom of the tip and then draw the lines clockwise – without stopping.

Verschiedene Startpunkte

Be sure to try different variations to find out what feels best to you.

Heart variants

Okay, enough of the scientific approach. Now we want to see heaps of hearts!

Here, too, you can achieve completely different variations by changing the proportions and symmetry. Furthermore, additional details help to strengthen or change the appearance.

Variations to draw and use a heart

Letters, by the way, can also be wonderfully combined with hearts. This is how, for example, my lettering alphabet “Lovely Letters” was created.

Different pens

If you draw hearts with different pens, you will automatically get different looks. Be sure to try a felt-tip pen, large markers, and pens with different tips.

The combination of different pens is also super exciting. For example, bright brush pens can be used to draw particularly beautiful shadows.

Painting hearts with different pens

Hearts as part of other drawings

Due to the strong effect of the symbol “heart”, it is also popular as part of drawings and illustrations. Just by adding a heart, deep emotions can be expressed.

  • Used positively, the heart represents affection, friendship, love and passion.
  • If you reverse the optics to the negative, it represents sadness, heartbreak, suffering and longing.
Use hearts in other drawings

That’s why the heart in particular is a symbol that is often used as part of sketchnotes. The possibilities of use are just huge!

How do you prefer to draw hearts? Which variation do you like best? Feel free to leave a comment.

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