Welcome to our creative world.

Excite, inspire, motivate. That is our mission! On this blog you will find all kinds of creative but also technical topics that relate exactly to this idea.

We want to bring you closer to the passion for creativity and with a combination of tutorials, photos and videos we want you to start with your own projects right away!

Who are we?
On dreieck.com you will find many topics that inspire me (Timo) in particular. So this project has grown from my private blog, on which I have always published tutorials on various creative or technical topics. Meanwhile, other artists support me to fill this project with life!

Timo Ostrich

We love evolvement

Writing, painting, craftwork – each of these topics in itself already offers great potential for creative evolvement. However, it is important to constantly look beyond the end of one’s nose. The linking of themes and techniques leads to very special results and rewards those who approach topics in an approachable and open-hearted manner.

The focus should always be on your own development and enjoyment of the moment. That is to say:

  • Don’t compare your creative progress with others, but look at yourself.
  • Enjoy the creative break where you think of nothing but the next brush stroke you draw, the next word you write, or the piece of paper you cut.
  • Be open to lifelong learning! You are never too old to learn something new.